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Nikmat Hatractor - Kyr - 1992 - Israel - Alternative

נקמת הטרקטור - קיר

Avi Belleli - bass, vocals, flute
Green - keyboards, electronic drums
Ophir Leibovitch - Guitars
Danny Makov - drums (doesn't participate in KYR)

You can't really become a break-through rock musician if you weren't born in the east bank of the Ayalon River, because that's why genuine artists are what they are, always heading towards the core of things but never becoming a part of it, keeping one eye at the distance, gazing like a child who had never left home.
"Nikmat Hatractor" (Tractor's Revenge) is such a group. Formed in the mid 80's in the suburban town of Ramat-Gan, just across the once riverbed and now highway carrying the name of the river mentioned above, it took a few years till the group reached its debut in 1990, but unlike other groups who were lollygagging after their hard work could be seen on the shelves, Nikmat Hatractor started working with choreographer Ohad Naharin already during the recordings of their debut album, creating together what will later become one of the greatest modern ballets that were staged in Israel, which had also succeeded abroad. Revealing the versatile nature of their work, being a mainstream rock band on the one hand and avant-garde musicians on the other, the music to this ballet, written and preformed by Nikmat Hatractor, was released in this 1992 album, named after the ballet which inspired it, "Kyr" (Wall).

Oswaldo Parks

01. Kyr
02. March
03. Kina
04. Lo Waltz
05. Osher
06. Echad Mi Yodea
07. Kisot
08. Ochel
09. Yadayim
10. Finale

01. קיר
02. מארש
03. קינה
04. לא ואלס
05. אושר
06. ?אחד מי יודע
07. כסאות
08. אוכל
09. ידיים
10. פינאלה

Ripped from CD
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