Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Danny Ben Israel - Chantarish 3¼ (Bullshit 3¼) - 1970 - Israel - Psych

"Chantarish 3¼" is a collaboration beween two very different worlds of music in the '60s Israeli Music. On one side, Danny Ben-Israel, the singer of the "Lahakat Pikud Tzafon" Military Band, who had Very big hits like "Kochav Hatzfon" ("northern Star") & "Los Pikudos Tzafonos" that made him a big star in the Israeli pop. On the other side ,Shlomo Mizrachi & his band "HaBbama HaChashmalit" ("The Electric Stage"). The "Electric Stage" was one of Israel's best rock group (or rhythm group as we call them on the '60s). In the band were Shlomo Mizrachi - who was known as "the Israeli hendrix" - on lead guitar, Sheldon Cohen on base, Eli Tubul on drums and Dubi Aldema as lead singer. When "The Electric Stage" move from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv, this album was one of their first intersting experiments. Mizrachi and his band took active part in the wild and avant-garde musical trip that was to became "Chantarish 3¼", providing the live musical background to Ben-Israel's provocative lyrics. Strangly enough, their names were missing fron the list of credits on the album's cover. "Chantarish 3¼" came out almost in secret at the end of 1970. Very few copies were sold, and printing stopped almost as soon as it had began. Disappointed with the cold response, Ben-Israel moved To the USA, and return during the mid '80s. Shlomo Mizrach and His band members continued to play and perform in Isarel and in Europe. Mizrachi is still active in music industry.

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