Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ashqelon Quilt - The Event - 2001 - Israel - Prog/Folk/Psych

The Ashqelon Quilt led by brothers Shachar (vocals/keyboards/programming) and Ori (vocals/guitar/percussion) Hendel, produced the album by themselves and thus managed to create an intimate and very 70's sounding album. Various influences can be heard throughout the album, notably Gentle Giant, but also Genesis, ELP, Pink Floyd, Peter Hammill, Peter Gabriel and the more melodic side of the Canterbury Scene, the band takes these influences and adds some English, Celtic and Middle Eastern folk and manages to create its own unique sound and personality. This is reflected in the excellent and mature song writing, Shachar's nostalgic voice and keyboards playing and Ori's killer acid guitar (resembling Gary Green of Gentle Giant and Phil Miller).In several tracks they are assisted by female vocalist and recorder player Sharon Rinat, whose voice reminds me of Sally Oldfield's. Violin and cello are also used to a good measure adding symphonic depth to the music. The album itself is great and highly ecommended its highlights includes "One by One", a Gentle Giantish track with great guitar work, the title track which starts with instrumental middle eastern tune (reminding of Peter Gabriel's Passion album), turns into an Irish folk and evolves into the main theme and so on. The best track however is "The Well", a mini epic in several sections and great guitar and keyboards work.

Ripped from CD
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