Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Skin Blues - Low Live - 1999 - Israel - indie/alternative

Eleanor Cantor
Nir Matarasso

01. Continuity
02. Tapuz 9
03. Death Of A Parent
04. Microwave
05. Sea My Eyes
06. Gonowfool
07. Keltish
08. Sheryl Crow Down Hill
09. Comdor
10. Curtains
11. I'll Get It
12. Henry's Dream
13. True Love

Ripped from CD


Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this one.
I played guitar on the album and now have only a very scratched and jumpy CD to listen to. So I couldn't listen to this album for the last few years.
The cover (on the thumb) is the back cover. By the concept of Amir Schore was on the back.
Thank you

Avnetz said...

First i correct the cover
second: i like youre work here and of course in hamaapecha hameyuteret. i saw few concerts of them (with the second line-up with Eleanor & Boaz Rimer). Charlie Kacherlie is also you?

Anonymous said...

In a way that I'm Cherly Kacherly and he is not me.
I found some great things here. Never knew Arisssssan was so good at playing the guitar.